5 Wrestlers You Didn’t Know Had An OnlyFans

Wrestlers With OnlyFans

In the last few years, wresters have been ensuring themselves a better financial future by picking up side hustles. From YouTube vlogs to modelling, there have never been more ways for wrestlers to pick up a payday outside of the WWE. A more recent option for wrestlers has been OnlyFans.

OnlyFans is a subscription service that allows creators to post unique content for their “fans”. Wrestlers such as Chelsea Green, Scarlett Bordeaux and Toni Storm are just three of many who have joined the website. In fact, even Enzo Amore previously had one!

However, there are some wrestlers who use this website that you may not have known about, so here are five wrestlers you didn’t know have OnlyFans.

5. Jordynne Grace

Jordynne Grace

Jordynne Grace is a massive advocate for wrestlers creating multiple revenue streams. Be it via OnlyFans, Patreon or Instagram Reels, Jordynne has her finger on the pulse of what platforms to use and how to get the most out of them.

Currently, her OnlyFans is a $24.99 subscription which would grant you access to see her weight-lifting and bikini content. She has managed to become one of the more successful wrestlers on this website, with her page having more likes than Chelsea Green and Scarlett Bordeaux.

4. Kiera Hogan

Next on the list is AEW’s Kiera Hogan. She announced she was starting an OnlyFans back in October of 2020 and is one of the first wrestlers to have taken the leap and joined the website.

A subscription to Hogan’s Only Fans will cost you $20 and will give you access to a range of content. She posts about her life as a wrestler, her dogs, her girlfriend and AEW wrestler Diamante, and exclusive photoshoots.

3. B-Fab


A more recent addition to OnlyFans is recently released WWE superstar B-Fab. Following in the footsteps of Zelina Vega and Toni Storm, B-Fab is making the most of her newfound freedom by joining OnlyFans.

Going by the name of Briana Brandy, her subscription price is $19.99. Despite being new to the website, she has made up for lost time with her range of content. B-Fab posts exclusive music, photoshoots, and NSFW content on her OnlyFans.

2. Kelly Kelly

Kelly Kelly entrance

Not only is it a surprise to find out former WWE Diva Kelly Kelly has one Only Fans account, it is more of a surprise when you find out she actually has two!

Kelly Kelly has two pages, one for exclusive content and one for private content. Her exclusive content page is a free subscription and this page will give you a glimpse into the life of the Barbie Blank. Then, her private content page is more about modelling and photoshoots and this content costs $9.99 a month.

It is safe to say Kelly Kelly has got her content game figured out.

  1. SunnySunny Tammy Sytch

At the top of this list is Hall of Famer, former WWF Diva and former professional wrestling manager Sunny.

Her OnlyFans content is certainly NSFW, though this is nothing new to her, as she has a history of working in the adult entertainment industry since the early 2000s.

Her account is under her real-life name Tamara Sytch with a $29.99 subscription fee. Sunny is one of the more popular wrestling-related stars on the website with her content certainly being the reason why.