5 Things You Didn’t Know About Tegan Nox

Tegan Nox

Tegan Nox is SmackDown’s latest addition. The Welsh superstar made her debut alongside Shotzi Blackheart and made an instant impact by beating the WWE Women’s Tag Team Champions.

Starting out for Attack! Pro Wrestling in 2013 she became a standout name on the British wrestling scene and it was no doubt WWE came calling in 2017. Nox is a highly likeable character and a vital part of the NXT women’s roster. Her painful and tortuous journey to get where she is today is a testament to her grind, determination, and unwavering love for professional wrestling.

One of the Welsh standouts in WWE alongside Subculture in NXT UK, Nox may now be on the other side of the pond – but grew up alongside Mark Andrews and actually starred in one of his band’s videos, Junior – Veronica, which you can see below. (You can have that one for free)

In fact, speaking with Inside The Ropes, ‘Mandrews’ had some high praise for Nox and recanted their upbringing.

“Oh, Tegan’s the best. I mean, as a person, she’s one of my best friends when we were coming up in the indies. Obviously we live on the other side of the world from each other now, so we don’t get to hang out as much, but Tegan is the best! She’s someone who was a real integral part to our little group of wrestlers growing up – the Attack! Group. You know, we always talk about kind of like the five of us being me, Pete, Eddie Dennis, Wild Boar and Flash – but she’s like the sixth. You know, she came in a bit later, she started after, she’s a bit younger – but she was the sixth member, really.”

“We spent every weekend together travelling up and down the country. I owe her so many miles of driving because I didn’t pass my test until, like, years later! She drove me up and down the country every weekend so I am in debt to her for that. But, yeah, she’s just a great person and I think she’s a great person around. She’s just a morale booster. In the ring, I just… I can’t wait ’til the WWE Universe can fully see all of her potential. Don’t get me wrong, they’ve seen her in the ring. They know she’s a great wrestler. But she hasn’t been able to really hit her stride yet because of all these setbacks, because of her injuries.

“I know that when she does come back and when she really goes in her stride… I mean, I like to boast to people about being one half of the first Welsh champions in WWE. I think she’s going to beat me to be the first Welsh singles champion because there’s no doubt she’s going to win that NXT Women’s Championship. I just hope that it can be in the Millennium Stadium in Wales. That’s where I want it to happen. I feel like after all the kind of bumps in the road that she’s had over the last few years, she deserves a moment like winning the championship in the Millennium Stadium in Wales. That’s what I hope she gets anyway. But, yeah, she’s outstanding. And I really I really can’t wait for the world to see that.”

Now, of course, is also bisexual and introduced the world to her girlfriend last year in an Instagram post. As Tegan Nox begins the latest chapter of her wrestling career, we have put together a list all about the ‘girl with the shiniest wizard’. Here are 5 things you may not know about Tegan Nox.

5. Tegan Nox is a massive gamer

Like many of the current roster, Tegan Nox is a huge gamer. She is a regular on Xavier Woods’ YouTube show Up Up Down Down and is the host of the renegade version Left Right Left Right.

In an interview with ComicBook.com Nox revealed that her all time favourite game is Assassin’s Creed and even wants to play on of the characters in a movie.

“My favorite game is Brotherhood, I love Brotherhood, and then if I could play an Assassin’s Creed character, it would either be Kassandra or it would be Evie Frye, because she’s also half-Welsh. Let’s go, Evie!”

4. Tegan Nox’s dream match would be against Molly Holly

Molly Holly is Tegan Nox’s hero and would love to meet the WWE Hall of Famer in the ring. Speaking to Sportskeeda last year, Nox said that “Molly Holly is at the top of my list,” when it comes to her dream opponent. If the match were to happen then it would be a magical moment for Nox as Holly is the reason for the Welsh superstar falling in love with wrestling.

At WWE Evolution in 2018 when Nox was an NXT newcomer got the chance to meet her hero and what took place was a heart-warming experience. During the meeting, an emotional Nox revealed that she wouldn’t be in wrestling if it wasn’t for Molly Holly.

Since the meeting, Nox got permission from the WWE legend to use her finisher move, the Molly-Go-Round, which she got to do in front of her home town Cardiff for NXT UK.

3. Tegan Nox wrestled Kairi Sane for the Wonder of STARDOM Championship

In 2017 Tegan Nox embarked on her first and only tour of Japan, appearing for Ring World STARDOM. During her time there she wrestled with several future WWE Superstars. Kay Lee Ray, Shayna Baszler, and Piper Niven aka Doudrop were all at the promotion at the same time. Nox’s biggest moment in the Joshi promotion came when she faced top champion, Kairi Sane, then known as Kairi Hojo for the Wonder of StARDOM Championship.



2. Tegan Nox has come back from three ACL tears

Tegan Nox is one tough person. While this may not be news to everyone it has to be mentioned because of the incredible strength of the Welsh wonder.

In 2017 before her debut at the inaugural Mae Young Classic Nox tore her ACL, which required surgery and a lengthy stint of rehabilitation. The following year at the same tournament Nox returned and was the favourite to win the whole thing. But tragedy struck when she tore her ACL on her other leg during a match with Rhea Ripley.

After another arduous journey, she returned in 2019 and became a vital part of the NXT women’s division. Then in September of last year, she suffered the same injury again. Thankfully she possess an incredible inner power that saw her return to NXT and debut on SmackDown in the same week.

1. Tegan Nox is a huge Captain Marvel fan

Tegan Nox credits Captain Marvel and the actor Brie Larson as helping her through a “dark place” while recovering from her second ACL tear in 2018.

Speaking on her comeback video Nox said;

“It’s weird to think that a comic book character or an actress could help mentally. That movie really, really helped move me from a place I never want to go again… it saved me.”

When Nox returned to NXT she wore a Carol Danvers inspired pilot jacket and ring gear in the style of Captain Marvel’s suit.

Nox got the opportunity to thank Larson herself when they virtually worked out together on the movie star’s YouTube channel.

“The power of Captain Marvel certainly helped me come out to my fans as bisexual. It kind of gave me that boost, like, it’s OK to do this.”

“If it wasn’t for Captain Marvel and yourself, especially with all the work you do outside of Captain Marvel, there was no way I would have the power to come out to people with my sexual orientation and my mental health, so thank you so much for being you.”