5 Things You Didn’t Know About Alexa Bliss

Alexa Bliss

Alexa Bliss’ current character is one of the most polarising characters WWE has had for years. Her “Twisted” Bliss persona has wrestling fans either loving or loathing her.

The “Female Fiend” is just another character in a long line of characters for Bliss. She debuted on NXT as a form of glitter fairy before transitioning into the heel manager of Blake and Murphy. Upon reaching the main roster Bliss has played both heel and face under several incarnations. Since her main roster debut the ‘five feet of fury’ accomplished many firsts on her way to becoming one of four female WWE Grand Slam Champions.

Alexa Bliss even became the first woman to cash in the Money in the Bank contract the same night as winning it. In 2018, Bliss became the second performer to be crowned Ms Money in the Bank. On the very same night, she cashed it in to become a three-time RAW Women’s Champion. Earlier in the night, Bliss defeated Becky Lynch, Charlotte Flair, Sasha Banks, Ember Moon, Lana, Naomi and Natalya to capture the coveted briefcase.

During the RAW Women’s Title match between Nia Jax and Ronda Rousey, Bliss seized the opportunity to reclaim the gold she had lost at WrestleMania 34. Rousey seemingly had the match won and was about synch in her signature armbar finisher when Bliss struck her with the briefcase. After battering both Jax and Rousey in the object Bliss then ordered the referee to cash it. She hit Twisted Bliss on Jax to win the RAW title for the third time.

While her journey ever since has been a rollercoaster to say the least, where Bliss is now portraying a character on-screen who derived assumed supernatural powers from the recently released Bray Wyatt, Five Feet of Fury is now paired with a doll called Lilly who comes to life.

As much as ‘Little Miss Bliss’ has proved her versatility on-screen, she also has an interesting life off it too. From her Disney obsession to owning to a pet pig, who sadly recently passed away, there are plenty of fascinating facts from the world of Alexa Bliss. Here are five things you didn’t know about Alexa Bliss.

5. Alexa Bliss was a successful bodybuilder and fitness model before WWE

Before her WWE career, Alexa Bliss was very successful in the world of bodybuilding and fitness modelling. After a very scary period of time as a youngster that saw Bliss hospitalised, her parents got her in touch with trainers Mike Davies and Natalie Calland regarding living a healthier life. However, the short notice meant Bliss only had six weeks before her first competition. Speaking to the New York Post, Bliss said of her bodybuilding career:

“That was kind of the kick in the butt. Their diets got me comfortable eating food again. It was a very, very long process because this was like a four or five-year battle. I was training nearly every day and taking posing classes. It was gruelling, but I went on to become one of the youngest people to get a pro card [at age 20].”

Bliss went to win multiple trophies and awards during her time as a bodybuilder and fitness model and even competed at the Arnold Classic in 2013 as an IFBB bikini pro.

4. Alexa Bliss never won a title before moving to the main roster, but DID perform at WrestleMania

In NXT, Alexa Bliss was the glitter-throwing tutu-wearing cheerleader-esque babyface. During her time on the brand, she was only ever used as enhancement talent. She found success as the manager of Blake and Murphy leading them to the tag team championships.

It wasn’t until her surprise call up to the main roster during the 2016 “WWE draft” that she truly blossomed. She debuted on SmackDown in July and made an immediate impact by defeating Becky Lynch. A few short months later she defeated her again but this time for the SmackDown Women’s Championship.

The following year Bliss debuted on RAW during the “Superstar Shakeup”. Within two weeks she captured the RAW Women’s Championship becoming the first-ever wrestler to win the titles on both brands. She continued to make history by becoming the first-ever two-time WWE Women’s Tag Team Champion with Nikki Cross/ASH.

In saying that, Bliss did perform at WrestleMania BEFORE reaching the main roster! “How?” you might ask! Well, Bliss, along with Sasha Banks and Charlotte Flair, accompanied Triple H at WrestleMania XXX for his King of Kings entrance, helping remove The Game’s chestpiece and cape.

3. Alexa Bliss has a song about her, which she sang on, and almost had played at WrestleMania

Wrestling and music have been intertwined for years – as an article in Inside The Ropes Magazine Issue 12 explores – but not many wrestlers get their very own song written all about them and how brilliant they are.

Well, Alexa Bliss is one of the few! Telling Kerrang! Magazine that it was a “dream come true” for her heroes Bowling For Soup to create aptly-named anthem ‘Alexa Bliss’ – which had one million views on YouTube within a week of its release.

Oh my gosh, it’s amazing! It’s definitely my childhood – and my life’s – dream come true. It’s so, so cool. Bowling For Soup are my favourite band. They were the first concert that I ever went to, and the last one I saw at home, literally the day before I moved to Tampa to go into WWE developmental! Also, if you listen to the lyrics, I think they strike the perfect balance between Alexa Bliss and (Alexa’s real life alter-ego) Alexis Kaufman.”

Meanwhile, Bowling For Soup lead singer Jaret Reddick told Inside The Ropes’ own Gary Cassidy how the friendship came about.

“I was actually at a wrestling event with my son, who’s 13, and we were watching, and Alexa Bliss came out. Big reaction! At the time, she was the champ, and I said, ‘You know, that girl there likes your dad’s band,’ and he’s like, ‘No, she doesn’t!’ So I just hit her up on Instagram like, ‘Hey, we’re here!’ Fast-forward, she invited us to come out to the Royal Rumble in Philadelphia a few years ago, we did, we met, became friends and, yeah, the rest is kind of history. She grew up listening to Bowling For Soup, and had seen us before in Columbus, and it’s all in the song, really. That’s the story!

Not to mention, they band almost played Alexa Bliss in at WrestleMania 36 – which he revealed on Instagram – but the scaled back nature of the event due to the pandemic meant that couldn’t happen.

“We are known as a band that can play at any time and that anyone will like.Of course, we would love to be part of it. Now that we have got to know some people in WWE. In addition, Vince McMahon loves the song and has supported us a lot. It would be great to be involved in some way that we can be.”

That’s all mind-blowing on its own, of course, but even better is that Bliss herself appears on the track, as she told Metro.co.uk.

“I’m actually on the track! Yes! It’s very hard to hear, but when they say “Her favourite song is Girl All The Bad Guys Want”, I say “What’s a two-way?” So yeah, I’m technically on it!”

2. Alexa Bliss is covered in tattoos!

Yep, we know, you’re probably slightly bamboozled at this because, well, you can’t see Little Miss Bliss’ ink! But that’s by design.

Alexa Bliss has over ten tattoos, all in white ink, across her body – on her back, arms, ribs. Bliss also has many, many piercings – most of which are visible on TV in her ears and navel.

As for her tattoos, though, Bliss has many Disney-inspired pieces, as well as a floral pattern on her back, and even fiance Ryan Cabrera’s lyrics tattooed on her. The lyrics are handwritten and have a self portrait of Cabrera, with the song being one he wrote and proposed to Bliss during. The lyrics are, “The way you love me just the way I am, like I deserve it.” Cabrera has Bliss tattooed on him in cartoon form too.

Bliss also has “I am enough”, “you can” and “stand out” tattooed on her, as well as “If we listen to each other’s heart” and “believe” as well as some symbols which, again, have a “hidden Mickey” – a subtle Disney reference. The other tattoo visible below is MMX – Roman numerals, which match with Bliss’ friend Kailyn. The story of why Bliss gets the white ink tattoos done is below courtesy of Bliss on Instagram.

“I love the look of white ink tattoos. I love that they heal like scars.”

1. Alexa Bliss battled a life-threatening disorder as a teen – and was 24 hours from death

Perhaps the most astounding thing about all of these facts is that they, tragically, may never have happened had it not been for an incredible recovery Bliss made at the age of only 15.

You’ll recall the aforementioned fitness and bodybuilding venture mentioned above – that came as part of the former RAW and SmackDown star’s recovery from a severe eating disorder that nearly cost her life as a teen – as she told former WWE star Jonathan Coachman.

“When I was diagnosed with my eating disorder, the doctors told me that I was 24 hours away from dying. They told my parents that, with the way that my body takes to an eating disorder, that my organs weren’t coming back… I was hospitalised for bradycardia, and they didn’t let me sleep because they thought I would go into cardiac arrest when I would fall asleep.”

Bliss has gone on to become an inspiration for many youngsters who may once feel like she did.

“I remember looking through magazines, watching TV, and thinking, ‘why cant I look like those girls?’ I want to be that person that shows it’s okay. I’m five-foot, I’ve got a thick body. I love it. I’m curvy. I’m strong.”

Bliss has also opened up about her “healing place” being Disneyworld, via Instagram.

“When I was at the worst part of my eating disorder, my doctor wanted to send me to the in patient center in Pittsburgh, because seeing five doctors a day wasn’t helping me. My parents made the decision to give me a break from seeing doctors all day everyday. It was a constant reminder of how sick I really was. So before having to be sent away, my parents took me to Disneyworld to give me a small break. Which happened to be the best thing for me. When I went to Disney, I actually began to eat. Slowly but surely. By the end of the week, I had gotten so much healthier that I didn’t need to go away to Pittsburgh. So Disney is not only my happy place, it’s my healing place. So there is a “hidden Mickey” in the lace design. So all together this tattoo represents a crucial point in my life & I love the design Stephanie came up with to represent this moment in my life.”