5 Possible Replacements For Seth Rollins At WWE Day 1

Seth Rollins in a WWE ring

Seth Rollins may be out of the WWE Championship Fatal Four Way Match at Day 1 after he confirmed he tested positive for COVID-19 on Christmas Day.

Rollins has played a major part in the build of WWE’s first PPV of 2022 after winning the Number 1 Contendership Fatal Four Way Ladder Match in November. Over the following months, Kevin Owens and more recently Bobby Lashley has been added to the bout making it one of Day 1’s most interesting matches.

WWE did nothing to address the situation on the go-home edition of RAW but unfortunately due to self-isolation rules, it now seems Rollins may be off the card and out of the championship match after contracting COVID-19, which begs the question, who will replace him?

Here are 5 possible replacements for Seth Rollins at Day 1.

5. Veer

The arrival of Veer on Monday Night RAW is taking so long WWE may as well reintroduce him with a bang and add him to the Fatal 4-Way WWE Championship match just as an apology for taking their sweet-ass time.

In all seriousness, though Veer would make an interesting addition to the match as it would make for one hell of a comeback and go a long way in establishing him as a monster heel WWE seems to repackage him. The vignettes announcing his arrival to RAW portray him as a destructive force who barrels through opponents using an array of moves including the savage clothesline from his ability to throw an 87mph fastball.

He has a good look, an eye-catching presence and a decent enough move set to succeed in the tried and tested WWE evil foreigner role. With Rollins possibly out of the match, it, therefore, leaves a space for another heel to step into and if WWE is serious in giving Veer any chance to thrive on the main roster then this could be it.

4. Rey Mysterio

Rey Mysterio is a plug and play championship wrestler who would not feel out of place if added to this match. Mysterio was involved in the Number 1 Contendership Fatal 4-Way Ladder Match in November, which Seth Rollins won plus the Lucha legend has past issues with Bobby Lashley both of which could easily play into his inclusion in the match.

Now that Mysterio is out of the running for the RAW Tag Team Championships after losing the finals of the RK-Bro-Nament to the Street Profits, his availability on January 1st is now wide open.

Mysterio’s last WWE Championship challenge against Brock Lesnar in the lead up to 2019’s Survivor Series, which led to an enjoyable, entertaining and enthralling match at the event that had the crowd on the edge of their seats. This is something Mysterio is able to do whenever he steps inside the ropes and it would be a joy to see him do so on Day 1.

3. AJ Styles

The Phenomenal One has been out of the championship picture since 2018 and could easily be placed into title contention at Day 1 because of past accomplishments whereas his previous rivalry with Kevin Owens over the United States Championship has some bad blood between the two, which could be revisited for added emphasis.

Since the beginning of this year Styles has teamed with Omos, which saw them capture tag team gold at WrestleMania 37 in April. Over the following months, the odd couple duo worked but more recently Omos turned on his partner resulting in their breakup.

If Styles were added to the WWE Championship match on Day 1 it could favour and further his angle with Omos with his former partner costing the title leading to more heat between the two. Plus seeing Styles involved in a championship match featuring Big E, Bobby Lashley and Owens would be a pleasure to watch.

2. Austin Theory

Austin Theory and Vince McMahon’s obscure golden egg-assisted relationship has already seen the up-and-coming Superstar receive a title against Big E but although the segments between McMahon and Theory have resulted in some bizarre interactions is it clear WWE see big things in the youngster’s future.

It has been a very long time since McMahon was involved on WWE television and shown such a personal investment of time with one individual wrestler. As McMahon’s protege Theory has done all he can to impress the boss such as rectifying his loss to Finn Balor with a backstage attack and in storyline could ask for his inclusion in the title match to prove himself to his mentor by winning the big one.

The company, especially in NXT is placing a strong emphasis on the youth movement. Despite Theory having a way to go in establishing himself as a top performer, he possesses a tonne of potential and upside. As WWE looks to create new stars to replenish the weakened rosters due to their own doing, starting Theory’s push at Day 1 could be very beneficial indeed.


Speculation surrounding the Austrian giant’s move to the main roster has been doing the rounds for some time now and what way to make an impact deserving of his presence than to storm the WWE Championship Fatal Four Way Match at Day 1.

WALTER is an incredible specimen who bring nothing but utter and glorious destruction to all. His appearance would put the entire Monday Night RAW main eventer picture on notice and if his main roster debut does indeed take place at Day 1 then he could easily emerge from the field of battle with the WWE Championship above his head.

Moving forward the singles matches against Big E, Kevin Owens and Bobby Lashley in the resulting fallout from Day 1 are all mouthwatering prospects that any wrestling fan would love to see. WALTER’s addition to the PPV would have huge implications on the production as we move into 2022 and to the road to WrestleMania. fans have been clamouring for new stars, fresh faces and different matches all of the longest-running WWE champion of modern times brings to the table.