5 Potential Destinations For Adam Cole

Adam Cole

If the reports and rumours are true, then Adam Cole is now the hottest free agent in the wrestling business. Earlier this month news broke that Cole’s contract with WWE had expired in July, however, he agreed to an extension until August 27th.

The speculation surrounding Cole’s contract status has the wrestling world buzzing about his next wrestling destination. According to sources within WWE Cole is a well-liked and respected member of the roster. It said that he has a strong relationship with Triple H and Shawn Michaels. But before Cole signed with NXT he was a member of the Bullet Club and a good friend of Young Bucks and the rest of The Elite.

A wrestler of Cole’s talent will find himself with plenty of offers and with several exciting places to go and play his trade he will undoubtedly be spoilt for choice.

Here are 5 potential destinations for Adam Cole.

5. WWE

Adam Cole has been with WWE since 2017 where he became one of NXT’s most popular and successful superstars.

As the leader of the Undisputed Era he, Kyle O’Reilly, Bobby Fish, and Roderick Strong ran roughshod throughout the entire company. Titles, accomplishments, and some of the best matches ever inside a wrestling ring followed. He became the face of NXT and its longest-reigning champion in the promotion’s history.

However, his stardom has outgrown NXT and with the suspect changes approaching the time has come for him to move on. He has done everything he can do in the brand and more, therefore the only place for Cole to go in WWE would be RAW or SmackDown. There is a strong possibility that Adam Cole remains at WWE as a main roster talent.

After news broke that Cole’s contract was coming to an end, reports stated that Vince McMahon requested to meet with him personally. Therefore could we see Cole end up on RAW and SmackDown? In 2019 Cole thrived against Daniel Bryan and Seth Rollins during the NXT invasion angle leading up to Survivor Series. Therefore Cole could very well want another crack at main roster glory in WWE.


During his Ring of Honor run, Adam Cole wrestled for NJPW several times. Most notably Cole wrestled Kyle O’Reilly at Wrestle Kingdom 11 for the Ring of Honor World Championship in 2017. But he also faced the best the Japanese promotion had to offer. Names like Hiroshi Tanahashi, Kazuchika Okada, and AJ Styles were just some of his opponents.

Cole would make a great addition to the NJPW roster. He has name value from his time on the indies and his success in WWE/NXT gives him mainstream recognition.

NJPW is currently in a tough position will several big names missing and a lack of new faces to inject excitement and life back into the promotion. Adam Cole is the perfect person to do just that.

3. IMPACT! Wrestling

Adam Cole has never wrestled for IMPACT or its predecessor TNA and as the old saying goes there is a first time for everything.

IMPACT are certainly in the game to make a big (ahem) impact. Not only have they opened the “Forbidden Door” to work with other companies but they have brought in several big names as of late. Cole would be a major coup for the promotion and one that will certainly turn heads.

If Cole were to end up in IMPACT! then he would be the biggest name in the company and have numerous incredible talents to go against. Just imagine Adam Cole vs Chris Bey, Josh Alexander or Rich Swan. Dream matches such as these would be game-changing for IMPACT!

2. Ring of Honor

Ring of Honor was the place that Adam Cole made his name. He remains one of the promotion’s biggest success stories and the only three-time ROH World Champion in history.

Cole debuted for the Baltimore-based promotion way back in 2009 and remained there until 2017. During his tenure with ROH he was involved in some of the biggest moments and matches. It was in ROH that his partnership and rivalry with Kyle O’Reilly began. It was a career-defining union that saw ultimately saw them continue it in NXT.

There is a long and deep-rooted connection between Cole and ROH. Therefore it would be splendid to see him return after four years away. However, the promotion is, unfortunately, a far cry from what they are at the time of Cole’s departure. If ROH were able to score Cole it would be a huge get for the company and surely do wonders in their quest for regaining former glory.

1. AEW

Adam Cole was “All Elite” was before being all elite was a thing. Back in 2016, he joined The Bullet Club in an angle with the Young Bucks at ROH’s Global Wars. However, their friendship runs much further back.

Way back in 2013 Cole, the Bucks and Kevin Steen (Owens) were known as Mount Rushmore in PWG. Cole was also a regular part of Being The Elite until he was hilariously killed off the show before signing for NXT. Kenny Omega has alluded to the death of Cole several times recently on his Instagram page possibly foreshadowing his arrival like he did when he wore t-shirts in reference to CM Punk.

Cole remains close to the Young Bucks and the rest of the Elite. His girlfriend Britt Baker is also one of the biggest stars in the company. AEW is the perfect place for the Panama City Playboy as everything just fits into place.

His look, physique, and in-ring style are what makes AEW standout. Its popularity as a real alternative to WWE is because of the way it books and portrays talent that doesn’t fit the WWE mould. Adam Cole would thrive in AEW just as he did in NXT.