5 Dream Opponents For Malakai Black In AEW

Malakai Black

Malakai Black blew up the wrestling world when he shockingly debuted at AEW Dynamite: Road Rager. The artist formerly known as Aleister Black made an instant impact when he took out Arn Anderson and Cody Rhodes in the middle of the ring.

WWE released Black last month due to “budget cuts”. The release surprised wrestling fans not only because he was involved in a storyline with Big E, but because he was a top prospect that the company seemed invested in. However, WWE’s loss is AEW’s gain and now Black has the opportunity to thrive in the promotion. The opportunity for Black to reach his potential and be used in the correct way is on the table and very exciting indeed.

As AEW’s latest newcomer Black brings a wealth of possibilities to the promotion. There is a multitude of wrestlers that he can tear it up with. Below is a list of opponents that we would love to see Malakai Black go toe-to-toe with in an AEW ring.

5. Malakai Black vs Cody Rhodes

Probably the most obvious on the list due to the attack on Dynamite, but a match with one of AEW’s EVPs is a brilliant first feud. The ‘American Dream’ Cody Rhodes is as babyface as babyface gets and for Black to unleash his dark side upon him will make brilliant television. Black and Rhodes are two of the best promos out there and their battles on the mic will rival if not beat their battle in the ring.

Rhodes is the old-school wrestler with a penchant for flair and pizazz while Black has an eclectic mix of martial arts and new-school wrestling. A meeting in the ring between the two would be an interesting and intriguing clash of styles.

4. Malakai Black vs Penta El Zero M

Just imagining the things Black and Pentagon could do in the ring is enough to make your head spin. Both wrestlers have a unique look, similar style, mystique and killer instinct giving a potential match between the two mouthwatering possibilities.

If you need any proof of what we can expect from Black vs Penta then look no further. The two have met previously in the ring and tore it up in PWG. In 2016 at the Battle of Los Angles Black teamed with Chris Hero to face Pentagon and Fenix in a 4.5 Star match.

Pentagon is on a great run recently and has really found his groove while Black is the newcomer catching up on lost time. Therefore with both wrestlers firing on all cylinders these to in the ring would be magic.

3. Malakai Black vs PAC

Two super talented performers who were vastly underutilized in WWE going one-on-one in AEW is the epitome of why two rival wrestling promotions are necessary. An unleashed and unchained Black vs PAC match is the stuff of dreams. Two of the best athletes in the world with the freedom to go all out in the ring is an aesthetic every wrestling fan should want to see.

PAC and Black are a pair of intense dudes that can more than go in the ring. PAC literally defies gravity with lightning-fast wince-inducing offence. Black’s technical skills and martial arts has pinpoint accuracy making this fight straight out of a video game.

2. Malakai Black vs Kenny Omega

Two of the most gifted strikers on the planet going hell for leather in the AEW ring would be a gift from the wrestling gods. Kenny Omega is the ‘Best Bout Machine’, but with an opponent such as Black their outing would be epic.

No doubt Black chose AEW as his post-WWE destination for the myriad of high-calibre opponents the young promotion possesses. A match with Omega should be one of the goals for any wrestler heading to AEW and hopefully, it is one Black gets to realise.

Just imagine the knee strikes, the sequences and counters these two could carry out in the ring it would be a sure-fire classic.

  1. Malakai Black vs Adam Hangman Page

Simply put this feud and resulting match would awesome. The two characters are completely opposite and make for a perfect wrestling rivalry. Hangman Page one of the most organically over babyfaces in years. His genuine likability, in-ring skill and ‘Anxious Millennial Cowboy’ persona connected with fans immediately.

Black’s dark and sinister demeanour is the complete opposite of Hangman. Black is a twisted soul who could exploit the flaws of the cowboy’s character. His manipulative verbiage and mind games on the confidence stricken cowboy would make for enthralling AEW television

Once the time for talking is over and they finally meet in the ring magic will ensue. Both competitors possess superb wrestling ability. Add that to their storytelling prowess and you have wrestling gold on your hands, my friends.