5 Dream Opponents For Bray Wyatt Outside Of WWE

Bray Wyatt

Bray Wyatt’s release from WWE shocked the wrestling world, but WWE’s loss is wrestling’s gain as the array of new opponents and fresh feuds are very exciting.

Wyatt is one of the most creative wrestlers in the history of the industry. The opportunity to thrive and evolve in another company is an enticing and intriguing prospect.

Bray Wyatt has never wrestled outside of WWE, therefore promotions around the world such as AEW, AAA and NJPW host a plethora of new and exciting opponents.

Here are five dream opponents for Bray Wyatt outside of WWE.

5. Psycho Clown – Lucha Libre AAA

Just imagine a WWE-unleashed version of the ‘Fiend’. One that is free of the trappings of all the WWE tropes, poor booking decisions and Goldberg. The unchained incarnation allowed to fulfil the dark and twisted aspects of Bray Wyatt’s creative genius. Now think of Wyatt’s masked creation going one-on-one with of Mexico’s most popular talents, Psycho Clown.

Psycho Clown is a hugely successful wrestler and the face of AAA. He has won multiple championships and boasts the longest win streak in the promotion’s history.

For the sheer spectacle of two demonic clowns slugging it out in front of a rabid crowd would be something to behold.

4. Shingo Takagi

Ever since joining NJPW, the ‘Dragon’ Shingo Takagi has been on fire. His matches with Will Ospreay, Hiroshi Tanahashi and Kazuchika Okada have all been excellent.

The two brawling powerhouses clashing in the NJPW would make for an enthralling watch and what better way to boost the promotion’s run of bad luck than to have Bray Wyatt challenge the champion.

Wyatt vs Takagi would be a match not for a weak of heart as the two beasts are a gluten for punishment. Takagi is the epitome of Japanese Strong Style and eats forearms to throat for fun, while Wyatt proved his toughness during the indestructible run as the Fiend.

3. Miro

Miro’s latest incarnation is glorious. The ‘Redeemer’ character is scary, funny and very effective. His promos are excellent and calling himself ‘God’s Favourite Champion’ is something that he and Wyatt could really sink their teeth into.

The promo battles and segments between the two would be immense and the resulting match would be great fun. Miro’s monstrous, killer edge going against Wyatt’s supernatural strength would make for a brutal and enthralling encounter.

Interestingly despite both being in WWE for a lengthy amount of time, the two have never had a programme or even a match together. The only interaction was when Wyatt saved Roman Reigns from a beat down at the hands of the League of Nations. Therefore, for Wyatt and Miro to clash, it would be a first-time match.


2. Cody Rhodes

A feud and resulting match between Bray Wyatt and Cody Rhodes has the potential to be one of the best. The history between the two runs deep. Wyatt’s uncle Barry Windham was a great adversary of Cody’s father, Dusty Rhodes and they that they could exploit to excellent effect.

Again the promos between Wyatt and Rhodes would be something special as they are both two of the best in the business. Add their respective wrestling heritage and legacy would also make for great storytelling both in and out the ring.

In-ring the clash offers up some intriguing aesthetics. Rhodes’ old-school method against Wyatt’s brawling style and the Cross Rhodes vs Sister Abigail dynamic would play into the match perfectly.

Wyatt and Rhodes crossed paths in tag team action during their spells in WWE. However, they are yet to meet in singles competition adding another first-time matchup to the list.

1. Malakai Black

The promos alone would be epic. Bray Wyatt and Malakai Black are sublime wordsmiths with a penchant for delving into the psyche of their opponents. As two of the most creative and inventive wrestlers in the business, the storyline and angles they could come up with is truly mouthwatering stuff.

The creativity they could invoke in a feud is enough to make your head spin. The Shakespearian levels of dialogue are mindblowing and Homeric tales they could tell may go down as some of the best told in wrestling history.

Their clash of styles in the ring would also make for fascinating viewing. Wyatt’s brawling, powerhouse style against Black’s Martial Arts inspired methodology would fit perfectly in the yin-and-yang worlds in which they live.