4 Unexpected Jobs Wrestlers Had Before Wrestling

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In the world of wrestling, there’s an eclectic mix of individuals and personalities. Many of the stars involved come from different types of backgrounds, from all over the globe. Today, we will explore the unexpected jobs four wrestlers had before they stepped through the ropes of the wrestling ring.

Suffice to say, it was difficult for us to narrow this list down to just four, since there are a number of wrestlers who had an unusual and surprising path to fame. Let us explore further and find out some of the unexpected jobs wrestlers had before they became huge global stars

Happy Corbin

Happy Corbin Baron Corbin

The current WWE superstar was touted as a talented American football player and potential boxer. He managed to win two regional golden gloves boxing championships, which shows the level he was competing at and the calibre of fighters he was defeating. Whether he would have gone on to challenge for top honours is anybody’s guess.

However, his ability to compete at the highest level shows his love of fighting didn’t budge. His love for boxing hasn’t wavered, either – he recently stated he would love to fight Jake Paul for a big payday, saying he would love to “break his face”. This is one of the boxing predictions we wouldn’t bet against, for sure.

Corbin and his 6 foot 8 frame would prove a test for any individual looking to take him on in the ring. It’s easy to see why he was such a gifted boxer and American football player. However, it looks like he has now found his calling in the ranks of WWE. Despite the risks involved in WWE, it’s probably marginally safer than a career in American football or professional boxing.

John Cena

John Cena WrestleMania

The legendary John Cena is the second wrestler we are going to take a look at today. Many people might be aware of John’s venture into rap, but there are other jobs he worked before he became a crossover star in the sport, who regularly engages with fans worldwide.

While John Cena was forging a path for himself in his younger years, and working different jobs to keep a roof over his head, he found himself in varied occupations. Unexpectedly, one job we didn’t expect him to have done in the past was as a limousine driver. However, he has admitted that he wasn’t very good at this, and it’s pretty clear he is far more suited to his role as a superstar sports entertainer.

The Great Khali

The Great Khali

The third unexpected job we are going to take a look at today is a former career of The Great Khali. The legendary showman made his name in WWE due to his huge frame and stature. Many people may not know that before he landed his big break in the world of professional wrestling, he was a police officer in the Punjab police.

Being pulled over or arrested by The Great Khali must have been intimidating, to say the least. Standing at 7 foot 1, his height was one of the real selling points of his time in the WWE. The only other wrestler taller than 7 feet who had a spell in the WWE was The Big Show.

The Undertaker

The Undertaker WM 28

The fourth and final unexpected job we’re going to take a look at today is The Undertaker’s job before he joined the world of sports entertainment. Now, while it was a job he wasn’t proud of, it may not be that unexpected, due to how effective he must have been at it. Before his days entertaining millions all over the globe, The Undertaker plied his trade as a debt collector. Having him turn up at your house to collect a debt would have been pretty terrifying, we imagine.

Now, this is just the tip of the iceberg. Some of the wrestlers we looked at have had jobs you’d fully expect them to have. Maybe The Undertaker being employed as a debt collector falls into this category. However, some of these jobs took us by surprise.

The road to WWE superstardom can be nearly as interesting and eventful as some of the storylines these characters end up in. When these athletes are making the journey to follow their dreams, they’ll scrape and get by any way they possibly can. Knowing where some of these athletes have come from and what they went on to achieve gives us an insight into their grit, determination and self-belief.