10 Memorable WWE “Odd Couple” Tag Teams

Austin and Foley as Tag Team Champions

Tag Teams have come in many shapes and sizes over the years. Sometimes two wrestlers you wouldn’t think fit together create some memorable duos.

When you look back on the most famous tag teams in WWE history, you probably think of two competitors of similar stature wearing matching costumes giving each other high fives and grinning all about the place like a battle-ready Siegfried and Roy.

They may be siblings, kayfabe or no, or best friends, kayfabe or no.

Sometimes when two wrestlers are floundering with not much to do, it’s best to place them as a team and see what happens. True, those Superstars may be floundering for a reason and the pairing may just create a duo of boring charisma vacuums, but other times magic might be made.

These are some tag teams that prove that like chocolate and peanut, some separate ingredients can make an incredible combination.

Kane and X Pac

Kane and X-Pac as tag team champions

Kane was introduced to the WWF as The Undertakers brother, to feud with, then eventually team with, and back again for pretty much the rest of their respective careers. Basically, they’re WWE’s version of the Gallaghers.

One of Kane’s big breakouts from his older, not really brothers shadow came in early 1999 when he formed a tag team with the freshly face turned X-Pac.

The two styles complemented each other perfectly, the big red machine menacing his opponents with his size and strength whilst X-Pac ran around chopping his crutch demanding everyone make some noise.

It was this “better than it sounds written down” combo that earned them the Tag Team championships from Owen Hart and Jeff Jarrett.

During this time Kane started to find his human side thanks to his friend, and formed a Beauty And The Beast relationship with Torrie, until she turned heel with that no-good X-Pac, breaking poor old Kane’s heart.

This resulted in Kane turning into a scorned, sympathetic but terrifying rampaging monster, Giving Glenn Jacobs one of the best face runs of his career.

The Rock and Sock Connection

Rock shouts down the microphone at a happy Mick Foley who is holding the WWE tag championship

Dwayne Johnson and Mick Foley used to batter each other within an inch of their lives, with some memorable and quite frankly scary battles in late 1998 and early 1999.

The well dressed, charismatic, athletic Rock and the insane, rugged, unstable Mankind made perfect foils for each other. It was also why they made a great tag team.

It’s strange to think their main run only lasted for two months, but that short time was jammed with memorable segments. such as a happy Mankind’s “This Is Your Life” tribute to grumpy Rock, and no less than three tag team title wins, justifying fans who declare them their favourite team of all time.

Despite the short time the two had together, The Rock and Mick Foley would occasionally team up again over the years, always getting a massive reaction from the crowd when they do.

Booker T and Goldust

Goldust and Booker T

In 2002, the ever eccentric Goldust wanted nothing more than to form a tag-team with Booker T, but Booker was having none of it, with Goldust inadvertently costing T matches whilst trying to prove his worth to him.

After getting super kicked out of the nWo by Shawn Michaels following Booker’s short-lived affiliation with the faction, Booker T and Goldust finally teamed up to create WWE history.

After a partnership that included hilarious lumberjack singing, lightsaber swinging and Weiner biting segments, Booker and Dust’s weird combination became a favourite with the audience during 2002.

Despite all the innuendos, the two were an oddly sweet pairing, and they would finally win the tag-team championships at the Armageddon PPV towards the end of the year.

Surprisingly the break-up didn’t involve a heel turn, rather Goldust amicably let Booker T go to pursue the single run and championship greatness the bizarre one knew Booker had inside him.

Yokozuna and Owen Hart

Owen HArt and Yokozuna as tag team champions

At WrestleMania XI back in 1995, The Smoking Gunns were set to defend their tag team titles against Owen Hart and a mystery partner.

Little did Bart and Billy know that the self-proclaimed King Of Hart’s partner was none other than the returning monstrous Yokozuna, and the newly formed team would win the tag titles in their first-ever match as a duo.

With Yokozuna’s threatening, ginormous presence looming over the cocky and obnoxious Owen the two would enjoy a championship reign that lasted 175 days that included a shocking successful title defence over the power team of The Allied Powers, Lex Luger and British Bulldog.

Of course, Hart would do the majority of the work during this run, putting on his bumping boots whilst Yokozuna would pretty much stand there trying to constantly catch his breath, but that didn’t make them any less of a legendary partnership.

Kane and Rob Van Dam

Kane tells Rob he is the big red machine, RVD style.

Kane and X-Pac may have been the start of Kane finding a more “human” side., but it was RVD who truly helped the man of hellfire and brimstone to cool down.

Kane had already begun his transformation into more of a light-hearted character, a new half mask would show more expressions from the performer, and another “odd couple” tag run with the Hurricane showed he could play a perfect straight man in a comedy act.

However, following a certain feud with Triple H that did not go over well with fans that we won’t mention here (it rhymes with Baity Trick) Kane partnered with RVD, who, like an airbrushed singlet wearing Baloo, taught Kane how to unwind.

The two would go on to capture the tag titles, but when they lost the belts to La Resistance cracks began to form in the relationship.

Like his alliance with X-Pac, it would end in tragedy, this time at the hands of Kane. Kane would face Triple H in a World title match with the stipulation that if Kane loses, he would have to unmask for the first time.

Following defeat, Kane did exactly that.

Like Ben Solo waking up to find his cranky drunk uncle Luke swashing a lightsaber over his face, Kane turned to the dark side and on his buddy. Chokeslamming the kung fu stoner in a vicious rage, this began the next chapter in Kane’s career as he ventured forth with a new, vicious, maskless identity.


RK-Bro with the tag titles

Did someone mention cranky men teaming with marijuana-infused martial artist? (Albeit part of that is only implied about Riddle on WWE television)

The most recent addition to the list, RK-Bro is still going strong today at the time of writing.

After making his way up to the main roster, Riddle interrupted the evil Randy Orton during a backstage promo with the proposal of a tag team.

The reluctant Randy would say he would think about it, and the following weeks would see Riddle go about the courtship of trying to entice Orton with a little bromance.

The two would team for a while with an interesting dynamic of face and heel, although the duo was so likeable Randy wouldn’t remain heel for long.

After a seven-week break from action, Randy would return and deliver an RKO to Riddle, but shockingly this did NOT break up the tag team!

It was just Randy’s way of reminding everyone he was a bit of a cheeky bastard, and would display his alliance to Riddle was still intact by saving from a beat down the next week. The two would go on to win the tag titles and enjoy a 142-day reign.


Steve Blackman in a cheese hat looks unamused at Al Snow

Steve Blackman was an incredibly serious man who wore black and kicked people, and Al Snow was a crazy person with a mannequin head. With both floundering in the mid-card, the two were put together.

What we got was head cheese, a moniker Al Snow bestowed upon the duo, and an incredibly entertaining tag team was born.

Al would attempt to lighten an awkward Blackman up, trying to get Steve into the swing of things by forcing him to wear a cheese hat and introducing a mascot named Chester McCheesington at Wrestlemania 2000.

Unfortunately, Chester didn’t bring the team any luck with Blackman and Snow losing to TNA (Test and Albert, not the organisation) on the biggest stage of them all. So they promptly beat up Chester.

I promise you this is far more entertaining than it sounds. When looking back at WM 2000 the two main highlights have to be THAT ladder match, and Steve Black and Al Snow beating up a man in a cheese costume. I’m being totally serious even though I wish I wasn’t.

The two never won the titles, but a six month run saw them compete against the likes of The Hardys, Edge and Christian, Too Cool, The Dudleys and many more in what had to be the hottest time for tag teams in the companies history.

Steve Austin and Dude Love

Tag champs Steve Austin shrugs off his partner Dude Love

Way before The Rock and Sock had a connection, a Texas Rattlesnake was accosted by tye die and jive.

In 1997 Steve Austin won the tag titles with Shawn Michaels, but when HBK couldn’t defend the titles due to injury, Mankind asked Austin if he could take his place. Austin, not wanting anything to do with the mad man, said no.

So the next week on Raw, Austin attempted to defend the titles by himself against the British Bulldog and Owen Hart. During the match, a funky drum beat kicked in over the speakers and a new “sexy boy” version of Mick Foley made his debut.

This was Dude Love. An old high school persona of Foley and just what Austin wanted, or so Mick thought, in a tag team partner.

The team won, but sadly the partnership was rather short-lived as Austin would injure his neck less than a month later at SummerSlam 1997

Steve Austin and Dude Love photo shoot

Still, at least they were around long enough to give us one of the best photoshoots of all time.

Too Cool

Scotty 2 Hotty, Rikishi and Grand Master Sexay

Ok, so this one is more of an odd triplet than an odd couple.

In late 1999 the team of Too Sexy Brian Christopher and Too Hot Scott Taylor, aka Too Much, changed their gimmick to that of two hip hop enthusiasts Grandmaster Sexay and Scotty 2 Hotty and renamed themselves Too Cool.

One month later in November of that year, Solofa Fatu re-debuted with a new look and a new name, Rikishi, which was a Japanese term for a sumo wrestler, just like how his cousin was named Yokozuna after sumo’s highest rank.

No doubt WWF wanted Fatu to take his cousin’s place as the attitudes era new incarnation of a large scary person but destiny had other plans.

Similar to Yokozuna appearing as Owen Harts mystery tag partner, Rikishi came out as an enforcer for Too Cool when the dancing duo was scheduled to face the New Age Outlaws on a December edition of Raw.

X-Pac would still find a way to interfere and cost Too Cool the match, but after Rikishi cleared house following the bout, Too Cool manage to tempt the big Samoan him into a post-match dance.

The pop from the crowd was huge, so WWF decided to roll with it, and Rikishi formed a trio with the tag partners, dancing their way to success, with Christopher and Taylor winning the tag titles and Rikishi winning the IC championship the next summer.

Team Hell No

Tag champs Kane and Daniel Bryan argue with each other

Like Mick Foley in the 98 Rumble, You may have noticed Kane has appeared three times in this list.

That’s because his tag team partnerships seem to define moments in the big red machines career and Team Hell No is no exception, probably being Kane’s last big popular run.

The Odd Couple was a 1968 film starring Jack Lemmon and Walter Matthau. However, it is the reunion film the two made together decades later called Grumpy Old Men that probably best defines Team Hell No.

In 2012 Daniel Bryan and Kane were at each other’s throats in a feud consisting of two very angry wrestlers. Bryan was annoyed at AJ Lee leaving him at the altar for a new role as Raw GM, and constantly denying her former fiance’s demand for a title shot, and Kane was, well Kane.

Rather than have this play out in a blood feud over ever-increasing violent matches, AJ demanded the two attended anger management therapy together.

After a few hilarious skits, Kane and Bryan would form Team Hell No, a constantly bickering tag team who would capture the very spirit of The Odd Couple movie, and continue to entertain the audience both in the ring and out.

Taking out their frustrations with one another on their opponents and engaging in forced hugs, Team Hell No would eventually become the tag team championships.

Kane and Bryan would end up feuding, and reuniting off and on again for the next six years, their combustible relationship allowing easy transitions from love to hate.