10 Former WWE Superstars We’d Like To See Return Under The Triple H Regime

10 Former WWE Superstars We'd Like To See Return Under The Triple H Regime

WWE is in a period of change as the Vince McMahon era is gone and the Triple H regime is upon us.

McMahon’s retirement brought several changes backstage. The most notable and exciting change is Triple H as Head of WWE Creative. The former NXT figurehead that brand to amazing heights and many fans are hoping he can do the same on the main roster.

Triple H in charge of creative brings forth an array of possibilities for current Superstars on the roster who, for some reason or another have struggled to thrive under McMahon’s direction.

The appointment also opens the door to a wealth of former NXT and WWE Superstars who left or were released from the company. With Triple H running creative they could receive a whole experience and get the WWE career many feel they deserve.

The company have already wasted little time in bringing back a number of stars, to breathe new live into the roster.

At SummerSlam the potential first of many comebacks saw Dakota Kai make a shock return alongside Bayley and Iyo Sky. Since the return, they have made their presence felt by attacking Becky Lynch, Bianca Belair, Asuka and Alexa Bliss.

More recently, Karrion Kross and Scarlett Bordeaux made their surprise returns to attack Drew McIntyre and confront Roman Reigns. Kross and Scarlett were one of Triple H’s top projects in NXT and now get the chance to bring their epic and movie-esque entrance to the main roster.

Here are 10 more former WWE Superstars we would like to see return to the company.

DISCLAIMER: This list isn’t a call for all of these names to instantly re-sign as a number have contracts with AEW and others. Rather it’s a list of stars who could be a success if and when they ever returned to the company under the new leadership.

10. Shane “Swerve” Strickland

Swerve Strickland AEW

Swerve Strickland was an incredible indie talent who came into NXT with a lot of potential and promise. A brilliant signing for the brand that saw the creation of his faction, Hit Row. The Hip Hop quartet brought a vibe and energy that made them a stand-out act with big things on the horizon.

Unfortunately, they and more importantly Strickland didn’t get the chance to show what they could bring to the main roster as the group was released shortly after making their debut. The decision to remove Strickland from WWE was particularly head-scratching for many fans as they knew the talent the man possessed.

Much more than a wrestler, Swerve has a multitude of abilities that a company like WWE could use to reach the music and fashion markets that he is a part of. The short-sightedness of the previous regime in firing Swerve is something that Triple H could be willing to rectify after his run in AEW is over. Since arriving in AEW Strickland has teamed with Keith Lee in a fun tag team, winning the AEW World Tag Team Titles. But for those who have seen what Swerve can do in singles action know that he needs to go out on his own.

The wrestling, music, and fashion master would be another excellent addition to the main roster and under Triple H’s creative would have the opportunity to show the world just what he is capable of.

9. Kairi Sane

Kairi Sane

The Pirate Princess was one of NXT’s most popular Superstars. During her time with the brand, she was the inaugural Mae Young Classic winner and captured the NXT Women’s Championship from the formidable Shayna Baszler.

Upon her call up to the main roster, she was partnered up with Asuka as the Kabuki Warriors and managed by Paige. The duo were immediately added to the Women’s Tag Team Championship scene and won the titles shortly after.

In 2020 Sane announced she was leaving WWE and returning to Japan. She briefly worked as an Ambassador for the company before returning to the promotion where she made her name as one of the best wrestlers in the world, STARDOM.

WWE never quite knew what they had with Sane on the main roster and despite tag team title success, she was mishandled from the start. Presented as the sidekick to Asuka in the Kabuki Warriors, Sane was never allowed to get the singles run she could’ve excelled at.

If a return to WWE were on the cards, Triple H could give her the same attention on the main roster as he gave her in NXT.

8. Andrade El Idolo


Another tale of two brands. Andrade was a main event warrior in NXT, putting on amazing matches but was unable to find the same success on the main roster. Like many before and after him, the transition from NXT to Raw was a struggle.

His early life in NXT was also a tough journey and it took Zelina Vega stepping in as his mouthpiece/manager to really get him going despite his amazing in-ring talent. Once all of the pieces were in place, Andrade soared and became champion while the brand was at its zenith.

The matches he produced during this period of time were excellent and his outing with Johnny Gargano at NXT TakeOver: Philadelphia is regarded as one of the best in the brand’s history.

Upon his call up to the main roster, he continued to have great matches but failed to stand out and after months of poor booking, he requested his release, which WWE granted.

He soon signed with AEW and similar to his WWE career, it has featured few highlights as he has become lost in the shuffle once again.

A return to WWE with Triple H, the man who used him at his best in NXT, in charge of creative may be a fruitful decision for the former United States Champion.

7. Keith Lee

Keith Lee Indi Hartwell

Talk about wasted talent. In the run-up to Keith Lee’s eventual main roster debut, he was placed in prominent positions. At Survivor Series in 2019 Lee was the final member of Team NXT and went toe-to-toe with Roman Reigns. Then at Royal Rumble the following year he received a huge reaction when he stood nose-to-nose with Brock Lesnar.

These interactions were clear indications that Lee was certainly capable of fitting into and excelling on the main roster. However, when it happened it was not quite what fans had imagined.

He was immediately different from his NXT portrayal. His music changed from a personalised hip-hop banger to a generic rock song. His gear went from trunks to a funky leotard making him another addition to a long list of NXT names drastically altered upon their WWE debut.

Although he mixed it up with then-WWE Champion Drew McIntyre and Randy Orton upon his arrival it was clear there was a disconnect between the portrayals of Keith Lee from NXT to WWE.

This disconnect would harm Lee’s run and would ultimately lead to his release as he failed to make an impact on the main roster. Lee was once predicted as a future WWE World Champion due to his size and stature but that failed to materialize under Vince McMahon’s watch.

Now that Triple H has the pencil the landscape is different for Lee therefore if he returned to WWE after his AEW run he could achieve everything fans predicted for him on the main roster.

6. Samoa Joe

Samoa Joe Thumb

Samoa Joe was an integral part of the influx of indie talent that graced NXT. As a TNA stalwart, Joe was one of the first additions to the roster that showed the company was willing to accept wrestlers on their part merits.

Before Joe’s arrival Fergal Devitt became Fin Balor, Kana turned into Asuka and Kenta was renamed Hideo Itami. But upon Joe’s arrival, he was simply Samoa Joe. Across rwo NXT runs, Joe conquered all and became the first ever three-time NXT Champion.

After his NXT run, he was involved in several mid-card championship angles and had a much-deserved crack at the main event in which he ran with Roman Reigns, AJ Styles, Braun Stroman and Brock Lesnar. However, he was never presented as a top guy and rather as a challenger to the stars.

Joe was a surprising name on the list of releases in 2020, however, Triple H fought to bring him back into the NXT fold shortly thereafter. Joe returned to NXT as an on-air authority figure and excelled in the role. A similar part would be perfect for the Samoan Submission Machine if he returns to WWE after his stint in AEW/ROH.

It is clear that Triple H likes and respects him for everything he has done in and for the business in the past 20 years. Therefore it would be great to see them work together again on WWE’s main roster.

5. Toni Storm

Toni Storm posing

Toni Storm is an amazing talent who shockingly walked out on WWE after a poorly booked SmackDown Women’s Championship feud with Charlotte Flair. Storm was a major player in NXT UK’s women’s division and had all the potential in the world but for some reason did not transition well to the main roster.

Storm came into WWE with a tonne of momentum from her career on the independent scene and continued to roll in her NXT UK run, which saw her feud with Rhea Ripley over the women’s title.

She possesses a natural charisma and exudes rock star qualities, which made her a huge hit with fans, who just love rooting for her. She had future women’s champion and megastar written all over her but failed to live up to expectations in both NXT and WWE.

Now in AEW she seems to have rekindled her passion for wrestling but the promotion’s women’s division is often misguided and vastly underused. Therefore a WWE return is not out of the question.

The Kiwi had a lot more to achieve in WWE and did not get the chance to do it, so her return with Triple H’s creativity and understanding of how to book her could see all her potential realised.

4. Malakai/Aleister Black

Aleister Black

As Aleister Black, he was one of the most interesting and enthralling performers on the NXT roster. When he got to the main roster he teamed with Ricochet partaking in some excellent outings before sitting in a room and talking. A lot.

It seemed as though Black possessed everything needed to thrive on the main roster and had the potential to become this generation’s Undertaker. Although elements of his otherworldly character shone through WWE seemed hesitant on pulling the trigger and giving him something to showcase all of his abilities.

Under Triple H’s creative in NXT, Black was a main event player and former champion. His time on the brand was his most effective run and if he returns to WWE after his AEW tenure that could very well happen on the main roster.

3. Adam Cole

Adam Cole NXT

Adam Cole was an NXT mainstay and one of the main reasons to watch the show. The leader of the Undisputed Era remains the longest NXT Champion in history but a main roster run was always held concerns under the control of size-obsessed Vince McMahon.

Once word got out that NXT was in for drastic changes and rumours surfaced that Cole was slated for a managerial role on Raw, he saw the writing on the wall, let his contract run out and headed to AEW to hang out with his boys.

It made sense that he would jump to AEW at some point as he has close relationships with many of the roster. But apart from his awesome debut at last year’s All Out he is yet to truly own the promotion as he did in NXT.

Cole’s run in AEW has drawn criticism from some corners of the wrestling fanbase as he doesn’t come across as the star he should be despite being placed in prominent positions.

Both Triple H and Shawn Michaels are huge fans of the Panama City Playboy and now that the former is in charge of creative, Adam Cole on WWE’s flagship programming has way more chance of success than it does under the old regime.

2. Johnny Gargano

Johnny Gargano

Mr NXT, Johnny Gargano was the focal point of Triple H’s black and gold version of the brand. However, when the show became NXT 2.0 Johnny Wrestling decided it was time to move on and headed home for a well-deserved break and fatherhood.

Since his departure from the promotion speculation regarding his wrestling future has run rampant. While AEW is the promotion that comes up regularly a return and effective run in WWE would be amazing to see.

Gargano is no stranger to the main roster as he and long-time partner and rival Tommaso Ciampa teamed against the Revival/FTR and the Bar on Raw and SmackDown. The duo picked up wins both times and it seemed as though they were headed for a prominent role but the run was cut short due to Ciampa suffering a neck injury.

Under Vince McMahon’s watch, Gargano’s size was always a concern if he made the transition from NXT to the main roster. But now Raw and SmackDown are under the control of Triple H, Johnny Gargano could very well have a successful run on WWE television.

Interestingly, Ciampa is already reaping the benefits of The Game taking over, becoming the number one contnder for the United States Championship.

1. Bray Wyatt

Bray Wyatt, Vince McMahon puppet

When WWE announced Bray Wyatt was released from his contract it sent shockwaves throughout the wrestling world. As the Fiend, Wyatt was one of the promotion’s biggest and most popular Superstar. He sold merch by the boat load and became a two-time WWE Universal Champion.

In the NXT of old, Wyatt reinvented himself from Husky Harris to the sinister swamp dweller Bray Wyatt to huge success. The introduction of the Wyatt Family with their grindhouse movie-style portrayal rejuvenated the performer and wrestling business as a whole.

As the leader of the creepy trio, Wyatt’s creativity was on show and in full flow, turning him into a fan favourite. He remained continually over with the fans despite a history of questionable booking decisions but then the creation of the Fiend took his popularity into the stratosphere.

The horror movie-inspired character led Wyatt to the most successful run in the promotion but reported backstage conflicts over creative possibly resulted in his release.

Since his departure, there have been many rumours regarding his return but nothing has come to fruition as of yet. However, now that McMahon is gone and Triple H is in charge it could be the change that Wyatt needs to make an epic comeback.