10 Dream Matches For The Elite In WWE

Being The Elite Kenny Omega The Young Bucks Matt Jackson Nick Jackson Don Callis Michael Nakazawa make their entrance on AEW Dynamite 2021

Kenny Omega and the Young Buck aka The Elite have long been linked with WWE.

Before the introduction of AEW there was strong interest in The Elite from WWE in 2018. At the time all three found themselves in an advantageous position as they all found themselves as free agents simultaneously. In an interview with Chris Van Vliet in 2019, Matt Jackson revealed just how close they were to joining WWE.

“We talked to [WWE] endlessly. At one point, I remember me, Nick, and Kenny were in a room because all of our deals were up at the same time. We got off the phone one day and we looked at each other, and we said, ‘I think we’re all going to WWE.’ It was that close.”

Following their suspension from AEW due to their involvement in the now infamous post-All Out press conference melee reports surfaced that they have “put feelers out” to WWE about any potential communication.

It was reported on 10 September by the Wrestling Observer’s Ryan Frederick that The Young Bucks had sent out feelers to a talent within WWE, seemingly interested in signing once their AEW deals expire. This is expected to be in January 2024, which would mark five years since AEW was launched.

If the Elite were ever to venture to WWE it would produce a plethora of dream matches, lets a have look at some wishful encounters we would love to see.

10. The Elite vs. The New Day

New Day winning the SmackDown Tag Team Championship at the WWE Draft 2020 Night 1

The two video game-loving leaders of the rival factions, Kenny Omega, and Xavier Woods have previous beef from their Street Fighter battle at E3 in 2018. At the games convention, they clashed in a Street Fighter V competition, which the New Day won 2-1. After a flurry of button bashing, Omega took to the mic stating:

“Guess what, everyone? We don’t hate each other. In fact, what we want to do is work together to give you guys the best entertainment package you’ve ever seen. As far as I’m concerned, step 1 was a giant success. This feud, as of today, is over. However, at some point in time, Creed, I hope I run into you again.

The two factions would make great opponents for one another. Both teams feature an innovative offence, which could well descend into them trying to one-up each other, something that would be a pleasure to watch.

They also boast some impressive achievements Kingston, Big E and Woods are the longest-reigning tag team champions in WWE history while the Bucks are the first-ever two-time AEW tag team champs and along with Omega, the premier Trio Champions. These accolades plus their penchant for off-the-wall promos and antics could make for some interesting feud fuel between them.

9. The Young Bucks vs. The Viking Raiders

The Viking Raiders Thumb

Maybe not the first team that springs to mind for a list such as this, but go with us on this one.

Before entering the WWE system, the Viking Raiders, then known as War Machine, were the most feared tag team on the independent scene. Be it the Briscoes or the Bullet Club in Ring of Honor or Suzuki-gun in NOAH they tore it up wherever and whoever they fought.

Since their arrival in WWE via NXT the Viking enthusiasts have been mishandled but luckily they have rekindled their barbarian fury and brought forth offence worthy of their team name.

The dream meeting against the Bucks features an array of possibilities due to the size and style differences between them. The two teams have met in the past for ROH and PWG among other promotions resulting in breathtaking action.

Since those matches, they have honed their skills even further and if they were ever to clash again in a WWE ring it would undoubtedly be even better.

8. Kenny Omega vs. AJ Styles

AJ Styles

The two former leaders of the Bullet Club have an interesting history. It was Omega (and the Bucks) who usurped Styles from his position to take the charge of the popular faction. NJPW history aside the two dream opponents have both held the mantle as the best professional wrestler in the world and for them to finally get to prove who is the better of the two in a WWE ring would be a spectacular occasion.

When Styles arrived on the wrestling scene he brought with him an unprecedented arsenal that helped rejuvenate the business. His influence on the generations of wrestlers that followed is clear to see today. The same praise can be shone on Omega, who reinvented and exerted his influence on the wrestling industry too, making a meeting with Styles an incredibly exciting possibility.

Surprisingly the two have only met in the ring as foes once before. Way back in 2006 Styles and Omega fought at PCW Back to School Bash. Omega scored the win but more importantly, it reignited his passion for wrestling after he was let go from WWE”s developmental territory, Deep South Wrestling. Speaking to Dr. Beau Hightower, Omega said

“I had this great match with AJ and, at the time, I thought, like, AJ is the top guy in TNA and If I’m kind of holding my own with a guy that’s that good, then maybe I should give wrestling more of an honest effort now that there’s actually an option again. Like it’s not WWE or nothing. Like Japan’s business was booming. TNA was also an option. So, I thought, maybe I should give it one more try.” [h/t Sportskeeda]

The Best Bout Machine and the Phenomenal One haven’t crossed paths since due to their separate wrestling journeys taking them on different paths and therefore remains a mouth-watering dream match.

7. Kenny Omega vs. Finn Balor

Finn Balor

Finn Balor is another wrestler on the list with previous Bullet Club associations with Omega. It was Balor, under the guise of Prince Devitt, who created the coolest group in wrestling since nWo.

Due to their NJPW affiliations, they faced each other on several occasions in the Japanese promotion. During that time they were both young up-and-comers stamping their mark and helping NJPW become the hottest wrestling promotion in the world.

After successful runs in Japan, both wrestlers brought everything they learned stateside before establishing themselves in rival companies. It is this rivalry that could play into a heated feud between the two if Omega was to enter the world of WWE.

During the Wednesday Night Wars Balor was the face and champion of NXT while Omega was the same in AEW. Omega and AEW would go on to defeat NXT in the war for ratings. Combine all this history with their energetic and high-octane fighting style, and a match for the ages we would get to witness.

6. The Young Bucks vs. The Street Profits

Montez Ford and Angelo Dawkins make their entrance.

Who wants the smoke?

Angelo Dawkins and Montez Ford are one of the best tag teams WWE has produced in years. They are charismatic, athletic, and highly entertaining. Ford especially is an outstanding prospect with otherworldly athletic ability. His high-flying skills are breath-taking as he literally hangs in the air as if assisted by unknown forces. Dawkins brings his own form of energy, bursting into the ring with a flurry of fast offence and Brock Lesner-esque series of suplexes.

It is this list of skills the Profits possess that would make them such great opponents for Nick and Matt Jackson. The Bucks have the same relish for the limelight and their in-ring abilities would make for an amazing tête-à-tête outing.

The teams have never met or interacted making this a special first-time clash if were ever to go down.

5. Kenny Omega vs. Sami Zayn

Sami Zayn shares Pat Patterson story

Not only are Omega and Zayn two of the best wrestlers in the world but as two of the best madcap and comedic talents, they could absolutely put on one of the best feuds/rivalries/angles ever seen on WWE programming.

Their incredible (and sometimes unconventional) wrestling styles are perfect for one another both in the ring and outside it. As two highly creative and inventive talents, they could produce some excellent and imaginative action as they did in the Japanese promotion, DDT Pro.

Zayn as El Generico and Omega were both members of the roster and clashed in a singles match in 2012. The frantic, fast-paced match wowed the fans in attendance and received praise from both wrestlers when footage surfaced online. Zayn replied to the footage stating that the creativity allowed within the promotion resulted in special matches from spectacular opponents.

“Everyone should be so lucky to have worked in DDT! The versatility, creativity & adaptability – that’s what it means to be a COMPLETE pro wrestler. I think we always had that in common. That may be why we clicked as opponents & as friends. Truly some of the best times of my life.”

[Sami Zayn social media]

Since then Zayn and Omega have achieved a great deal of success in their respective careers. Perhaps one day, when they are not working for rival promotions, they will give the fans a sequel to that DDT encounter.

4. Kenny Omega vs. Kevin Owens

Kevin Owens

The former WWE Universal Champion is one of the best in the business and the former AEW World Champion is one of the best in the world. If they were ever to meet in a ring once again they would produce matches of epic proportions.

Despite Owens and Omega moving and fighting in the same circles for years on the indies they only met twice in singles action. In 2009 they met in the opening round of the PWG Battle of Los Angeles tournament and then in Ring of Honor the following year resulting in excellent outings on both occasions.

In 2021 fans were clamouring for the two to meet once again but this time in AEW. Last year reports revealed that Owens’ contract was due to expire in 2022 with many believing that he was AEW bound.

However, Owens chose to stay in WWE leaving the third match between the two on the games consoles and in the minds of fans. Should Omega and the Bucks jump ship to WWE in 2024 then we may finally get to see them fight again.

3. The Young Bucks vs. The Usos

The Usos

On your marks. Get set. Superkick!

Jimmy and Jey have always been a consistent presence in WWE’s tag team division. They established themselves as a compelling and exciting duo from a young age. Over the years they have had countless amazing matches with nearly every team in the past decade.

Their feud against the New Day is one of the best tag team rivalries ever produced. It was the heel turn that preceded the feud which transformed into the accomplished team we see today. They went from colourful, Haka-performing crowd-pleasers to superkicking gangsters and cemented themselves as the best-ever tag team in WWE history.

The Young Bucks are the best tag team to never wrestle in WWE and have a similar success story as the Usos. Therefore if the two teams were to ever clash, it would be a best of the best battle.

2. Kenny Omega vs. Seth Rollins

Seth Rollins stands over John Cena as WWE World Heavyweight and United States Champion at WWE SummerSlam 2015

It can be argued that Seth Rollins has become the best bell-to-bell wrestler in WWE since his arrival in the promotion. Rollins has continually improved and evolved throughout his career making himself a must for any WWE dream match list.

Omega and Rollins have a similar rise through the wrestling ranks. Both were standout indie darlings having breakout matches all over the world before establishing themselves in their respective companies. They also possess similar wrestling styles that features highly charged, innovative and thrilling offence making any potential matchup between the two particularly special.

The two met in a Triple Threat Match at Ring of Honor’s Bound By Hate in 2008. The match also involved Bryan Danielson and is as good as one can imagine. Both megastars have come a long way since their ROH altercation and it would be amazing to see them do it once again this time under the bright lights of WWE.

1. The Elite vs. The Bloodline

Bloodline Usos Roman Reigns Tag Team Title Undisputed Tag Team Championship

Acknowledge Me!

Straight off the bat, this would be amazing to witness. Two of the most popular trios in wrestling standing across from each other inside a WWE ring and all of the pomp and circumstance brings an electrical feeling.

In AEW the Elite wore all of the gold and dominated the entire for months. In WWE the Bloodline did exactly the same but for longer. It is these similarities, which would make wrestling gold.

Omega and Reigns as the top champion of their brands set records and helped the promotions thrive under difficult times. The Bucks and Usos are the leader’s perfect right-hand men with multiple title reigns to back up their threats.

This video-game-esque would be a pleasure to witness if the wrestling gods see fit to make it happen. Unfortunately, it may be a complete pipedream to wish for these trios to meet in WWE as it is highly doubtful timelines would sync. But that’s the joy of dream matches!