Preview: Revolution Pro Wrestling – Epic Encounters 3

Revolution Pro Wrestling returns to action on Sunday. This time we take a look at an exciting show with a possible showstealing main event. These shows are done without a crowd, they also give a remarkable example for good production value with a budget.

Robbie X vs JJ Gale

Robbie X is not your typical High Flyer. One does not expect the quickness and agility he brings to a match. These two are probably going for a fast-paced match to get the viewer at home going. His opponent, from the own Contenders Division, is a good choice to see who will rise to the top.

Brendan White vs Kenneth Halfpenny

These two had matches on both previous Encounters shows. White won every time. They are fighting for the leadership of the Contenders Division. They are both very good at their craft and in conveying emotions. This third meeting should be the breakout match for one of these contenders.

Bobbi Tyler vs Jamie Hayter

The STARDOM star Hayter had a hard-hitting bout with the champion Gisele Shaw at the first Epic Encounters show a couple of weeks ago. One of the best female wrestling matches I’ve seen. Her opponent Tyler, also known from the all-female Japanese promotion STARDOM, had a good outing against the newcomer Aleah James, who we will see on the card too. This match could be the show-stealer next to the main event and you can be sure these two will not hold back.

Ricky Knight Jr. vs Connor Mills

The former SWE Speedking champion Knight is from the famous Knight family. If the name `Paige` is familiar with you, then you know the background of this young and charismatic performer. Already a little similar to MJF he is soon to be known internationally. The two are still young, but definitely know what they are doing in the ring. A match showing what British wrestling’s future could look like is to be expected.

Gideon Grey vs Mad Kurt

Mad Kurt has found a niche for himself in the wrestling world. That is a success. If you follow his Twitter account you can see for yourself. Very aware of the time, funny and still a little edgy. On the other side, you have Gideon Grey. A promo artist, that couldn´t be much more different. This match will be interesting from a storyline point of view and these two are a contrast in every imaginable way.

Zoe Lucas vs Aleah James

The former Undisputed British Women´s champion takes on the up and coming star. An interesting pairing that has the potential to bring the best out of the other. Lucas is the veteran in this match and has experience in nearly every RevPro location in the UK. This is a good opportunity for both to express their skills.

Undisputed British Heavyweight Title Match: Will Ospreay (c) vs Kyle Fletcher

The ‘Aerial Assassin’ is currently wrestling in the G1 in astonishing performances. He captured the belt in a 5-star performance against Zack Sabre Jr. at High Stakes in the historic York Hall, London. The man standing across the ring will be the ‘Aussie Arrow’. Both men transitioned from a high flying style to a more hard-hitting and Strong Style based performance. These two are capable of delivering a great match. They could go into either way if you consider the stylistic approach. It will be hard-hitting. Both are motivated to give the best they have.

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