ITR’s Fave 5: Our Panel’s Top Five Matches Of The Week #7

The Fave 5 is back with the pick of the week’s best bouts, as seen through the eyes of our esteemed panel Sondra Ruth, Liam Wyatt, Kenny McIntosh and Gary Cassidy.

Joining the panel this week is one half of The Wrestling Roast podcast, KJ, who opens this week’s offering.

Penta El Zero M vs Rey Fenix (AEW Dynamite)

All Elite Wrestling’s Fave 5 hot streak continues this week with the emotional battle of the Lucha Brothers. Guest panelist KJ found himself immersed in the story, “The story told in this match was what really stuck out for me. Two brothers resolving a conflict in the ring, however the aggression was significantly turned up for an unknown reason (at the time).” He continued “The sacred luchador masks were being ripped off, and the deadliest locations around a wrestling ring were used to inflict torment. Eddie Kingston’s manipulative separation of the two brothers explained why both men were at each other’s throats; and the brutality at which the brothers attacked each other showed what Kingston’s words did to them. I felt that I understood the story a lot better after the match, and that is a testament to an excellent performance from both men.”

KJ’s point around the tradition of the luchador mask was not lost on Sondra Ruth also. “I have a visceral reaction to seeing a luchador’s mask ripped- especially when it’s being ripped by someone’s own brother. Between the family drama, excellent wrestling, and Eddie Kingston on commentary, I was captivated start to finish.”

Mayu Iwatani vs Utami Hayashishita (Stardom Sendai Cinderella)

Over in Japan, the World of Stardom title match saw champion of 300+ days Iwatani defend against 5 Star Grand Prix winner Utami in the show’s main event. Liam Wyatt was left hugely impressed. “What a contest this was. The proverbial ‘ace’ of Stardom, Iwatani, seemed almost indignant as challenger Utami gradually got the better of her in the early going. That emotion soon fell through to desperation, as the champion realised she was in real trouble against a wrestler whom many expected to unseat her, albeit in the future”. He continued “The action was crisp, dynamic and hard hitting but the key to this one was the sense of urgency both competitors brought. It felt very ‘real’ which is perhaps the highest praise one can offer to a pro wrestling contest.”

The Natural Nightmares vs The Butcher and the Blade (AEW Dynamite)

Back in AEW where Dynamite snags its second nomination of the week, this time from Kenny McIntosh. “My match of the week has to go to The Natural Nightmares vs The Butcher & The Blade from AEW Dynamite. Both teams needed a big match to grab viewers attention and the Bunkhouse match did just that.” Featuring two of the promotion’s perhaps more underrated tandems, Kenny was fully of praise for all four men involved “Butcher and The Blade had a breakout night, QT Marshall proved what he can do and Dustin Rhodes at 51 years old showed that, under the right circumstances, he is an incredible pro wrestler who can suck you in and make you care like few else can.”

The Hurt Business vs The New Day (WWE Monday Night RAW)

Sticking with tag team wrestling, albeit over at the ThunderDome on this occasion, Gary Cassidy’s prayers were answered by a satisfying return match between The Hurt Business and The New Day. “When this match took place recently, my only annoyance was how short the match was, and I knew the next match would surpass its former. It most certainly did and, aside from a few difficult-to-watch dives from Cedric Alexander, I’m hard pushed to find a flaw!” said Gary. “The New Day’s ability to entertain outside of the ring sometimes overshadows what they can do inside the ropes (inadvertent pun) and it’s definitely overlooked how good Shelton Benjamin and Cedric Alexander are technically. This is a match I really want to see again – and one I can’t believe was given away on weekly TV!”

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