ITR’s Fave 5: Our Panel’s Top Five Matches Of The Week #6

In a week that was simply teeming with high quality professional wrestling, the Fave 5 panel were split between just two contests for this week’s picks.

Joining regular panelists Gary Cassidy, Sondra Ruth, Kenny McIntosh and Liam Wyatt this week is writer and co-host of The Wrstling Podcast, Gareth Wood.

Yuka Sakazaki vs Mizuki (Tokyo Joshi Pro Wrestling)

We kick things off with our guest panelist Gareth Wood and Tokyo Joshi Pro’s Wrestle Princess extravaganza. “The Magical Sugar Rabbits collided in the main event of TJPW’s biggest ever show. A match full of emotion and two competitors trying to be the best for one another. A perfect end to a joyous show” said Gareth.

And despite the plethora of candidates available, Liam Wyatt also came to the same conclusion. “This was comfortably the most difficult week to select a Fave 5 match from. AEW’s Full Gear had some amazing bouts, as did DDT’s Ultimate Party, but watching Yuka vs Mizuki, this one really stole my heart” noted Liam. “This match had stakes, emotion and contained almost every style of wrestling you could hope for. A ‘Match of the Year’ contender, for sure.”

FTR vs Young Bucks (AEW Full Gear)

Back in the States, All Elite’s latest pay per view offering featured a first time clash that was literally years in the making as the Young Bucks challenged FTR for the AEW Tag Team Titles. Gary Cassidy was suitably impressed. “I’m very open about not being a massive fan of either team – nor of tag team wrestling in general – but this match was undeniable brilliance. When something has been built up for years, it’s usually impossible to live up to expectations. This did!” Gary continued “For me, this match was reminiscent of the ‘Greatest Wrestling Match Ever’ between Edge and Randy Orton. Simply a love letter to tag team wrestling, paying homage to some of the greatest of all time, and just an absolute pleasure to watch.”

In a similar vein to Gary, this match surprised Kenny McIntosh to the upside. “After years of talk about a dream match with FTR and The Young Bucks, we finally got it at Full Gear. I find myself zoning out of a lot of Bucks matches as the style just doesn’t connect with me but with the story of the ankle injury to Nick and Wheeler & Harwood pulling a different kind of match out of The Bucks Of Youth, I thought both teams did a stellar job and nailed it this past Saturday night.”

Sondra Ruth also stumped for the tag team title match. “The storytelling in the match was great since Matt was grounded with an injury and couldn’t do all of his high flying offense, and the finish was poetic – a flip cost FTR in the end. Plus, I lost it at the DIY tribute since Revival/DIY holds a very special place in my heart.”