ITR’s Fave 5: Our Panel’s Top Five Matches Of The Week #11

Our panel return with their match picks from yet another packed week of pro wrestling.

This week, we’re delighted to have one half of The Wrestling Roast podcast, Oly Ossatian, joining regular panelists Kenny McIntosh, Gary Cassidy, Sondra Ruth and Liam Wyatt.

As is tradition, Oly opens proceedings with his selection.

MJF vs Orange Cassidy (AEW Dynamite)

Two of AEW’s hottest home grown stars collided on Dynamite this week, in a clash that grabbed the attention of Oly Ossatian. “I loved the chaos of the match, it felt like something from an Attitude Era RAW where anything could happen. There were some dramatic nearfalls in the match which added a lot. The cheap win by MJF with the help of Miro was a perfect ending, keeping Cassidy strong with the door open for more MJF Vs Orange Cassidy goodness.” Oly continued “The post match angle was also tremendous, with Miro destroying the security guards and the commentary screaming about how it’s Christmas and ‘These Men Have Families’ It’s nice to see Miro being booked in a serious and dominant manner. And to end the show, amongst all the Miro chaos we cut to MJF who is laying on the mat with his newly retained Dynamite Diamond Ring in his hand screaming down the camera that he beat Cassidy clean in the ring, absolute gold! The most entertaining match of the week and you know it.”

Kenny McIntosh was also appreciative of the show’s chaotic main event “This was everything you could want in big budget, entertainment style wrestling. With The Inner Circle and Best Friends on the outside you had a recipe for shenanigans. On the inside you had two young, hungry stars who thrived in the TV main event position.”

And although the outcome may have left some Orange Cassidy fans feeling deflated, Sondra Ruth saw the merit in the decision. “My favorite match was MJF vs. Orange Cassidy from Dynamite. The impromptu lumberjack match made sense under the circumstances, and it added a fun level of chaos. I was bummed that Orange Cassidy lost, but MJF continuing to be a terrible human with the diamond ring for another year makes perfect sense.”

AJ Styles vs Sheamus (WWE Monday Night RAW)

Monday Night RAW has divided critics of recent but with the plethora of top tier performers available, there are certainly glimmers of hope for the red brand. Gary Cassidy concurred with a match selection emerging from a less than stellar episode, “My fave five for this week oddly comes from the show I least enjoyed – but I can’t look past AJ Styles vs Sheamus. I feel like, every Sheamus match I’ve witnessed the past two months, I come away from it wondering why it was given away for free on TV, and this was no different. A perfect clash of styles – no pun intended – and a rare shining light in an otherwise poor show.”

Hiromu Takahashi vs El Desperado (New Japan: Best of the Super Juniors)

Our final pick comes from New Japan Pro Wrestling, although it had fierce competition for Liam Wyatt’s vote this week. “This was a straight shoot out between the BOSJ final and the Kenny Omega/Laredo Kid clash from AAA’s TripleMania”. He continued “I sided with Hiromu vs Desperado almost exclusively on the strength of the final stretch, which saw Desperado’s mask destroyed and ultimately removed (voluntarily). As Sondra mentioned a few weeks ago on the Penta/Fenix match, there’s something incredibly visceral about seeing masks being torn apart and the way Despy played this was fantastic. The best home stretch of any match this year.”