ITR’s Fave 5: Our Panel’s Top Five Matches Of The Week #1

In a new weekly feature, a panel of Inside the Ropes contributors will present their top five matches of the week gone by.

Our regular panellists will consist of Kenny McIntosh, Gary Cassidy, Sondra Ruth and Liam Wyatt.

They’ll be joined by a guest panellist each week, with our debut guest entry provided by writer Craig Ballantyne.

Chris Jericho vs Isiah Kassidy  (AEW Dynamite)

Le Champion has made a career out of bringing the best out of his opponents and Kenny McIntosh felt that this week’s contest against Private Party’s Isiah Kassidy was further proof of the Demo God’s greatness. “This week’s match where Chris Jericho worked with Isiah Kassidy was the standout match for me. Jericho showed, yet again, that he is able to give younger stars the rub by letting them take him to his limit in a rip-roaring ten-minute contest.”

Kota Ibushi v Tomohiro Ishii (New Japan G1 Climax)

New Japan’s G1 Climax tournament is often a breeding ground for Match of the Year contenders. This year’s instalment has been no different, with the A Block contest between Ibushi and Ishii having caught Craig Ballantyne’s eye this week. “Ishii’s matches always have a certain level of brutality, but I forgot that Ibushi can bring the same level of violence against that sort of opponent.” Craig noted, “..both wrestlers brought their A-game for a great brawl.”

Roman Reigns vs Jey Uso (WWE Clash of Champions)

Perhaps the most talked-about WWE main event of the year thus far, the family rivalry between Reigns and Uso left a big impression on Sondra Ruth. “The family drama, Roman telling Jey he should’ve just laid down for the payday, Jimmy saving his brother… all of it was incredible and had me on the edge of my seat.” An inevitable conclusion did little to dampen the mood, “Even though there was no way I thought Jey would win, I was devastated when he didn’t, and it made me feel all the emotions.”

Fred Yehi vs Silas Young (Ring of Honor)

The Pure Title tournament has been a critical success for Ring of Honor, with the first round contest between Yehi and Young getting the nod from Liam Wyatt. “I’d seen some of Fred Yehi before but this felt like a breakout performance for me.” He continues “Silas Young is one of the more underrated wrestlers on the ROH roster, and always brings the goods, but this was about shining a spotlight on Yehi, in a hard-hitting, technical contest”.

Sami Zayn vs Jeff Hardy vs AJ Styles (WWE Clash of Champions)

Up against Reigns vs Uso as consensus match of the night, Gary Cassidy sided with the Intercontinental Championship Ladder Match. “On a basic level, this was indeed a clash of champions, appropriate for its setting.” He continues “Triple Threat Ladder Matches are often clunky and disjointed by nature, but this was chaotic in all the right ways. From the nostalgic Hardy Swanton to the innovative use of handcuffs, I don’t recall a better curtain-jerker in recent memory!”


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