MJF: 2022 Biography, Net Worth, Family, Income

Maxwell Tyler Friedman, better known as Maxwell Jacob Freidman or MJF was born on March 15, 1996, in Plainview, New York and is currently signed to AEW.

MJF began his wrestling journey in 2015 after training under Brian Myers and Pat Buck at Create A Pro Wrestling Academy. He appeared regularly for CZW as Pete Lightening and then Maxwell Jacob Feinstein where he won the Wired Championship.

In 2017 he was signed to MLW where he made a name for himself as one of the fastest-rising stars in the industry. He became the first-ever World Middleweight Champion before AEW came calling in 2019.

Upon joining the new promotion his star continued to rise. In his first year in the company, he was crowned the first winner of the Dynamite Diamond Ring and has gone on to it twice more, meaning he’s the only wrestler on the AEW roster to hold it. He established himself as one of the best talkers in the business. His promo ability put him in high standing and he quickly found himself feuding with the likes of Cody Rhodes, Chris Jericho, and Jon Moxley.

MJF’s partnership and subsequent rivalry with Chris Jericho led to the creation of The Pinnacle. The group went to war with Jericho’s Inner Circle in a feud which led to the first ever Blood and Guts Match.

In late 2021 MJF began a feud with CM Punk. After a series of highly charged, and acclaimed promos, the young star defeated Punk in Chicago on Dynamite. The defeat was the first of Punk’s AEW career. However, this did little to ease the tension between the pair, and they met one more time in a bloody Dog Collar Match at Revolution in March 2022. Here, Punk scored the win via an assist from Wardlow, setting up a rivalry between the pair as Mr Mayhem attempted to break free from the star.

Ahead of a match between Wardlow and MJF at Double or Nothing the Salt of the Earth no-showed a fan appearance, while he was demolished by his foe in the ring. Days later on Dynamite, MJF cut a “pipe bomb” where he took aim at the locker room, ex-WWE stars and even AEW boss Tony Khan. After the promo, MJF disappeared and didn’t return until AEW All Out where he won the Casino Ladder Match under a mask, with help from a group later introduced as The Firm.

Despite rise to stardom, MJF continues to insist that the so-called ‘bidding war of 2024’ is very real, and he will be jumping to WWE for the right price when his contract expires.

Net Worth

MJF has an estimated net worth of $1 million.


MJF is engaged to artist Naomi Rosenblum. The couple have been dating since 2020 and announced their engagement on September 15, 2022.


MJF has a reported income of $1 million a year.


According to Cagematch.net during his 7-year career, MJF has wrestled 482 matches, with 205 wins, 274 losses and 3 draws. This gives him a winning percentage of 42.5%

Figures are up to date as of Nov 8 2022.

AEW Career

  • Dynamite Diamond Ring – 3 Times
  • Men’s Casino Ladder Match

Foundation and Charity

MJF is involved in the AEW-affiliated charity KultureCity.

BirthdayMarch 15th
Height5ft, 11in
Marital StatusEngaged
ResidencyPlainview, New York
Total Matches482
Matches Won205
Matches Lost274
World Championships0
Annual Salary$1 million
Net Worth$1 million
EndorsementsAEW Merchandise

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