About Us

Inside The Ropes is a professional wrestling news and media company based in Glasgow, Scotland, founded as a weekly wrestling podcast in January 2012.

Inside The Ropes is made up of a wrestling news website, podcast network, published magazine, Inside The Ropes Magazine, and live events.

Website Team

Head of JournalismKenny McIntosh

Managing Editor / Head of JournalismDante Richardson

Senior Journalist / Head WriterGary Cassidy

Head of Marketing & Advertising – Liam-Alexander Stewart

Head of Social Media – Dean Puckering

Social Media ManagersSondra Ruth, Liam Alexander-Stewart, Innes McVey, Asad Baakza

EditorsLiam-Alexander Stewart, Dean Puckering, Innes McVey, James Holder, Craig Ballantyne, Lyle Kilbane

Journalists / WritersLiam Wyatt, Innes McVey, Craig Ballantyne, James Holder, John Duffy, Paul Sinclair, Paul Benson, Peter Barnes, Scott McDonald, Dean Puckering, Liam-Alexander Stewart, Jack Goodwin, Lyle Kilbane